Kyle Dickerson
From an early age Kyle was intrigued by storytelling. He spent his childhood lost in imagination, creating worlds and coaxing his friends to be part of them. From soldiers in the woods beside his home to players on Broadway atop an invisible stage in his parents’ living room, Kyle’s imagination knew no bounds. This love for the story followed him through his younger years, showing up in short story contests, essays, and even once in a fifth grade news rag, full of ludicrous stories, scratched on notebook paper, and bound with the family stapler. However, telling the story was never about himself. It was about bringing excitement to the lives of others.

In 1997 Kyle added one more artistic check to his list. Traveling to New York City, he performed on stage at Carnegie Hall, singing Mozart as part of a choral ensemble. While in New York, he also had the chance to see for the first time those Broadway stages he dreamed of as a child. A year later he was heading off to college. After struggling his way through the first year at a state university in Louisiana, Kyle packed up and headed for the lights of Nashville. A few years and more than one changed major later, he walked across the graduation stage.

During and after college, Kyle held a variety of jobs. From directing a daycare program to selling cowboy boots, working in a sawmill to patrolling the streets as a municipal police officer, his career path was exciting and unpredictable. But through it all, something was always missing. In 2008 Kyle and his wife were wed. It was she who urged him to make his writing public again, supporting him through all the ups and downs that come with such a career. In 2010, after nearly three years of writing at every free moment and still working forty plus hours a week, Kyle walked away from his day job and began writing full-time. He, his wife, and their dog, Katie, live just south of Nashville.

A Storybook World...
By Kyle Dickerson

Numerous factors influence our lives, impacting how we grow, who we become, our likes and interests, and where our journey takes us. We are shaped by our parents, being taught right from wrong. Our friends push us toward trends, and sometimes away. The television molds our perception of the world, revealing shocking truths and planting the seeds for false understandings. And still one of the greatest influences upon every generation has been, and still is, the written word.

From the propaganda of the 1960’s to the marvelous worlds created by Lewis Carroll, and even the frightening horrors of Stephen King and Dean Koontz, over the years we have seen a change in the world’s approach to literature. No matter what the medium or focus, the writing world has always been dedicated to bringing the reader to places and times they might never reach otherwise. And though that has been accomplished time and time again, we have rarely been captured in such a mysterious, wonderful, spellbinding way as we have by the novel.

I will admit, up front, that I hated reading as a child. Hated...with a passion. What I did not realize at the time was what an amazing opportunity I was missing out on. If you look at readership demographics across any age range you will see that females far outweigh males. That is how it has always been, and projections reflect the same for future generations. And I did my part, red-faced and fist clinched, to perpetuate the stereotype. Understand that I did my reading in school - most of it - and even found some to be enjoyable, despite the whip cracking over my head. But it was not until after I completed college, started a new career, and noticed the world changing around me, that I came to appreciate the depth and wonder of stories weaved by true wordsmiths.

I remember reading Amazonia by James Rollins in the latter part of my college career and being blown away by the massive world he planted in my head. He took me to a place I had never seen, gave me experiences and desires I had never known, then used them to bring me along with him and so many others on a journey shared by all, yet so very personal. I wondered at the time how an author could carve such a marvelous tale from thin air. I was mystified. And that is its wonder. A good book can take you across the universe, to another world you have never fathomed. It can transport you to a time before your own life, when times were hard or life was simpler. The novel allows you to live out your dreams. It allows you to release your deepest fears and darkest desires. The connection is emotional and intimate, and each reader becomes a part of that world...and that world a part of them.

I struggle with the video game takeover of the recent years. There has been a major upswing in gaming and a major fall in the literary industry. There are high school seniors who can no longer tell you who wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland...it was in the second paragraph. We have kids who would rather stare at the screen of a DS than feel the texture of a book’s pages against their skin. I feel we as adults are partly to blame for this phenomenon. We have made reading a chore, a task only to be completed when the adult minions insist. We have taken the wonder out of watching a new world unfold by forcing the child behind the book. But as long as the sun still rises, there is time. Time to reveal to our children the fantastic worlds waiting to be seen. Time to encourage them to embrace literature and marvel at the possibilities it lays before them. Time to lead by example.

I remember my mother reading books to us in the car on summer vacations. Two stick out above the others - The Firm by John Grisham and Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon. There is no better way to encourage your children than to take part in the activity with them. I have rarely come across a child who does not like going on special trips. How about making that next one a trip to the library? The Williamson and Davidson County libraries have wonderful programs for readers of all ages, and they love nothing more than being a part of bringing the gift of reading into a child’s life. You never know where that single trip may lead...what journey it may begin. The written word is a strange and beautiful gift, capable of more than most of us will ever be aware.

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New Book From Kyle Dickerson

Ten Frames At The Galaxy Bowl
Less than a hundred yards off Hwy 14, just outside of Lockwood, the Galaxy Bowl has lurked in the shadows for more than a decade, discarded and forgotten. Once the area’s greatest attraction, the abandoned lanes are now only a reminder of what life used to be. However, a stranger has ventured into town, breathing new life into the lanes, and bringing with him an evil this town has never known. As the bonds of reality are twisted and torn, the citizens of Lockwood find themselves in a struggle for their own existence - a struggle that will reveal them for who they truly are, and bring them face to face with the darkness of their inner demons.

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Benjamin Cole
A Novel by Kyle Dickerson

First-time novelist, Kyle Dickerson, spent the early years of his life in the small town of Pineville, LA. It was there that he first tasted the art of writing. Though urged by his teachers and family to continue, Kyle put aside his pen and paper for many years, writing only sporadically throughout college. Upon marrying his wife, Kasey, in May of 2008, Kyle found his passion for writing renewed, and set out to finish the dream he once had. Kyle now lives with his wife Kasey, and their dog Katie, in Spring Hill, TN.

Benjamin Cole is a fast paced ride through one man’s realization that not everything turns out for the better, and that even more often things are rarely as they seem. Setting out to seek justice for the wrongs of the world, Benjamin comes face to face with his most significant trial of all. How do you fight evil without becoming evil? How do you destroy that which you hate, without becoming it yourself?

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